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The signature item on the White Castle menu is the so-called slider, which is a small square burger. The fillings may vary greatly, some of the possible options being patties, cheese, egg, rice, bacon, chicken, veggies, and fish. In addition to sliders, there’re several sides (French fries, cheese fries, onion rings etc.), as well as Coca-Cola drinks, coffee, iced tea and more.

White Castle prices offer better value when you buy food in larger packs. For instance, they sell so-called Crave Cases, where up to 30 slides are placed, while the so-called Crave Crate contains as much as 100 burgers.

The majority of locations can be found in the Midwestern part of the US and not far from New York. White Castle is considered the first fast-food chain in the US. It was established by Walt A. Anderson in 1921.

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