Top-6 most expensive food and unusual in the world

We are used to the fact that the loaf of bread grows on the trees, the water pours from the tap, and the meat is spontaneously self-produced in stores … However, this is all rather trivial. If we think about it, we will all tell where everything comes from. And we give away our money with pleasure for not baking bread ourselves, for drinking clean water free of bleach and harmful impurities, for not killing cows and chickens ourselves… But what are we ready to give the biggest money for?

The most expensive coffee: Kopi Luvak

The most expensive coffee Kopi Luvak

World’s most expensive coffee called Kopi Luvak has such unique life path that it can sometimes be used as a metaphor for everything most expensive.

In Indonesian Kopi means coffee. Luvak is a small gluttonous animal, which looks like a ferret, which loves eating coffee beans. It eats them so much that it even does not have time to digest them all. At the output, we have the most expensive coffee in the world which has a balanced taste with delicate bitterness, pleasant creamy tinge and a hint of honey …

The price for kilogram starts from $ 300

The most expensive mushroom: white truffle

The most expensive mushroom white truffle

The most expensive mushroom in the world is a white truffle. Truffle grows underground, at the depth of several centimeters, and only in certain locations in Italy, in France, and Romania. They say that its fragrance and taste makes the one who touched it a real truffle hostage. They also say that the truffle is a natural aphrodisiac which makes women more tender, and men – more loveable.

The price starts from $ 2 000

The most expensive caviar: Iranian

The most expensive caviar Iranian

Red and black caviar have been the symbols of financial well-being for a long time. But in fact, the most expensive caviar has a yellowish color, and it is not simply beluga caviar, but beluga albino caviar and the fish itself has to be not less than 80 years old. The older the beluga is the more delicious and tender its caviar will be. The most expensive caviar in the world called Almas comes only from Iran. It was previously eaten only by sheiks, and the attempt to try it could leave a gourmet without a hand. Now this caviar is packed in cans made of pure gold, which makes its price even higher.

The price for 100g of caviar is about $ 2 000

The most expensive spice in the world: saffron

The most expensive spice in the world: saffron

Cooks say: if you see saffron at a low price, be aware – it is a fake. Most often, they will sell you turmeric instead of saffron. There was a time when such frauds did not pass in vain: in the VII century the saffron fraud was punished with burning at the stake.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world for a reason. It is obtained from the stamens of the flowers of saffron crocus. Given that each flower has only three stamens, you can roughly imagine the scope of work to collect it. However, adding this spice to any dish – from baking to risotto – has to be done carefully, because saffron has a very bright aroma and can make food simply disgusting when used too much.

The price for 1 kg is about $ 6 000

The most expensive meat: Japanese marble beef (kobe)

The most expensive meat: Japanese marble beef (kobe)

Japanese Wagyu cows have the most expensive meat in the world. In general, the term marble beef, describing meat with beautiful veins of fat, appeared exactly in Japan. To get the best marble beef, the cows are regularly massaged, kept on a special diet, they are given beer, and sometimes even red wine. Sometimes the cows do not even stand, but relax on the special straps – to avoid straining whatsoever.

The price of a 200-gram fillet is about $ 100.

The most expensive water in the world: Hawaiian

The most expensive water in the world Hawaiian

Near Hawaii, the sea water is extracted from the depths of the ocean. After some necessary desalination processes it is bottled in tiny 0.06 liter bottles. They say, Kona Nigari helps to lose weight, improves skin color and relieves stress. Before drinking, this expensive water should be diluted with ordinary water.

The price for 0.06 liter bottle – $ 33

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