The most popular fast food dishes from around the world

Today, fast food industry is one of the most rapidly developing segments of the economy in the world. Fast food restaurants are found almost in every country in the world: from America to Japan, from Australia to Iceland. McDonald’s alone has its restaurants in 119 countries, while local fast-food businesses are simply uncountable.

Mint tea, Morocco

  1. Mint tea, Morocco

Glasses filled up with mint and rather large portion of sugar are ready for brewing famous Moroccan mint tea. The drink helps to refresh on a hot day in Marrakech, but it’s more than just a thirst quencher. Preparing and drinking tea it is an integral part of Moroccan culture and a compulsory experience which every tourist has to go through.

Miaokou Night Market in Taiwan

  1. Miaokou Night Market in Taiwan

There is an old temple in the center of Miaokou night market, but the main thing here is the fasting. Yellow lanterns on the market illuminate tables with traditional Taiwanese delicacies which make tourists drool. Here you will find a spicy soup with noodles, an omelet from oyster, snails, glutinous rice and a paunch. Residents of Taiwan and tourists agree on the idea that a visit to the market cannot be considered complete without ice-cream desserts represented by ice blisters from prunes.

Shanghai dumplings, China

  1. Shanghai dumplings, China

Shanghai street vendor serves a freshly cooked Chinese-style city snack – dumplings. These treats are widely distributed throughout Shanghai and are represented in a variety of tastes and combinations.

Noodles, Thailand

  1. Noodles, Thailand

Strainer with noodles on an open fire takes all the attention of the cook in the Chinese district of Bangkok. Many passers-by simply cannot resist the temptation to look at the skills of these street chefs and enjoy the fragrance of their creations.

Chicken giblets, Philippines

  1. Chicken giblets, Philippines

Filipino street vendors created this dish – chicken giblets on the skewers. The giblets are first marinated, and then grilled or simply fried. Usually this yummy is served with a sweet, sour or spicy sauce.

Beach delicacies, India

  1. Beach delicacies, India

Whenever vacationers on the beach of Goa need a break – these goodies always come in handy. The beach of Anyune always offers an endless stream of samosa, chicken, soft drinks and other favorite Indian delicacies.

Grasshoppers, China

  1. Grasshoppers, China

Chinese street vendors love this bouquet of grasshoppers on skewers, which always cause surprise to Western tourists. However, eating insects is not such a rare habit nowadays. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states that people all around the world regularly consume about 1,400 kinds of protein-rich insects.

Banh-mi sandwich, Vietnam

  1. Banh-mi sandwich, Vietnam

Vietnamese street vendor serves this relic of the colonial past with a smile. Banh-mi sandwiches are prepared from a French baguette filled with a delicious variety of meat and vegetables. They are being happily scarfed down all over Vietnam, especially for breakfast.

Sausages, Germany

  1. Sausages, Germany

These stalls serve only the best types of sausages. Fans of street food in Germany (especially at various festivals and fairs) are happy to eat bratwurst, bockwurst and other sausage delicacies, washing them with delicious German beer.

Ceviche, Peru

  1. Ceviche, Peru

The cook is preparing a cevice in the seaside town of Mancora in Peru. Ceviche is a popular dish in the whole Latin America; it is prepared with the help of citrus juice – in this case it is a lime juice, in which a mixture of raw fish and other seafood is marinated.

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