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SONIC is a drive-in fast-food chain. It was placed on the 13th line in the list of the best quick-service and fast-casual chains in the US published in QSR Magazine in 2016. One of the distinctive features of the chain is its carhops on roller skates. The company even holds a contest every year to find out who has been the best carhop.

The SONIC Drive-In menu offers dishes of several types, including burgers, hot dogs, burrito (on the breakfast menu), and sides (fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, popcorn chicken), as well as beverages and ice-cream.

SONIC prices are comparatively low. There’re almost always special low-cost options available. The company boasts an impressive chain of more than 3,500 locations, the majority of which (more than 320) are owned by franchisees.

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