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The world’s 2nd-largest restaurant chain, KFC has more than 19,900 restaurants in more than 122 countries. In addition to this, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the owner of one the most known secret recipes in the industry.

The core item on the KFC menu is fried chicken. To be precise, they sell pressure fried, on-the-bone pieces cooked using the “Eleven herbs and spices” seasoning, which, according to the corporate legend, has been invented by the founder. Interestingly enough, the seasoning isn’t patented – if the company chooses to patent the seasoning, it will have to disclose it.

The fried chicken can be purchased in servings containing 2 or 3 pieces, as well as in a bucket including up to 16 pieces. The choice of the oil depends on the region, but generally, it’s not the healthiest choice. Both the menu and the KFC prices vary by country. Typically, they are higher than the industry average.

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