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Five Guys menu falls into four large categories: burgers, fries (cooked using 100% peanut oil), sandwiches, and hot dogs (which the company typically prefers to call just “dogs”). Any topping can be chosen for free. All the restaurants of the chain serve Coca-Cola drinks, while in some locations, Handspun Vanilla milkshakes are also available.

Typically, Five Guys prices are higher than in any other average fast food restaurant. One of the reasons is that they only use absolutely fresh beef without any fillers or preservatives (at least, that is what the company claims).

The chain was founded in 1986 by Janie and Jerry Murrell, a couple with four sons. The name “Five Guys” originally included the boys and their father. When one more son appeared in the family in a couple of years, he became one of the “guys” instead of his dad.

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