Edible flowers: 10 most delicious species

Violets for breakfast, tulips for lunch and roses for dinner … Of course, this beauty is never served as a standalone dish. Still, there are many flowers that people can eat.

Flower cookery has recently become a very popular trend and has already acquired its own dedicated fans. But this sort of culinary arts is not something brand new since people began to use flowers in cooking in ancient China, Greece and Rome hundreds of years ago. Adding flowers to the familiar dishes will help to give them a pleasant aroma and exotic spicy taste. Flowers are often used for making salads, jam; they are added to the tea or used for decorating desserts. But the possibilities of flower cooking do not end there.

It is important to remember that eating flowers can be enjoyable, but not always safe. If there are any doubts about the edibility of a flower – you need to address special literature. Even very beautiful and fragrant flowers can often be poisonous.

Petals of nasturtium
Petals of nasturtium have a bit spicy, peppery taste. Therefore, this flower is very appropriate in light salads with little ingredients. It’s also good for casseroles.

Flowers and petals of violets

Flowers and petals of violets are beautiful and delicious in a glass of champagne, with chocolate desserts, cakes and pastries, in sorbets and ice cream. You can use them in main courses, in hot, in stew and in wine sauces. They are also a good fit for meat salads.

Large yellow flowers of zucchini

Large yellow flowers of zucchini are one of the most delicious edible flowers. They are eaten raw, added to salads, stuffed with various fillings, fried in batter.


Lavender is added to the mixtures of herbs when preparing meat; their flowers are added to desserts – from baking to a variety of jellies, flavor creams, broths, sugar. It has a fairly intense taste, so you need to use it carefully.

Miniature flowers and buds of roses

Miniature flowers and buds of roses can be used to decorate ice cream and desserts, while large petals look great in with desserts or salads. An option for the summer is to freeze petals in ice cubes and serve with water, cocktails or punch.

Small calendula petals

Small calendula petals are used in meat and fish soups, in dishes from pasta and rice, as a filling for butter, in salads.

Flowers and petals of lilies

Flowers and petals of lilies are great for decorating complex salads or cakes, and they can also be sugared and used for making desserts or as an independent delicacy.


You can sprinkle daisy petals over salads, open sandwiches, boiled vegetables before serving, use them as fillers for butter, with dishes from pasta and rice.

leaves of dandelions

The leaves of dandelions are full of vitamins. In fresh state they have a pleasant bitterness, which can be combined with more tender salads. The flowers of dandelion might be used to cook delicious summer jam.

Flowers and petals of garden geranium can be used as a decoration for desserts, consumed in soft drinks and cocktails, frozen in ice cubes, or for flavoring boiled and baked apples and pears.

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