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Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is the world’s largest pizza restaurant chain. In 2017, it had over 13,800 locations in 85 countries. Also, it is among the three largest pizza restaurant chains in the US.

Depending on her or his personal preferences, a customer may choose hand tossed or pan pizzas, thin or Brooklyn style pizzas, as well as artisan-style pizzas, which were introduced in 2011. There are typically four sizes available.

Although the chain’s original focus was pizza, the current Domino’s Pizza menu has gone far beyond to include several types of pastas, a wide range of sandwiches, as well as chicken wings and salads.

Domino’s Pizza prices, as well as the menu, vary a lot by region. The US menu includes mainly Italian-American dishes. The fact the franchise has more than one owner depending on the region affects the menu and the overall brand positioning. As the chain is globally spread, it may sometimes be difficult to control the quality of its work in every location. However, the parent company puts a lot of effort in it. For instance, when in the winter of 2015 cockroaches were found in several restaurants in Peru, operations were temporarily suspended there.

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