Curious facts about dishes and drinks from different countries

Curious facts about dishes and drinks from different countries


Chile has very strict food etiquette. Chileans do not have dishes that can be eaten with hands. Even French fries and common snacks are eaten with the help of cutlery – otherwise you will be considered an ignoramus.


noodles china

The favorite dish of the Chinese is noodles. In fact, Chinese do not even cut it – not even for convenience. Locals associate noodles with longevity and health, and in their opinion cutting noodles leads to a “shorter” life.


In Japan, it is customary to make a chewing noise while eating. It especially concerns soups and noodles. The louder the Japanese chews the more respect he gives the chef.


In Kazakhstan, they do not pour a full cup of tea to the guests. A mug full of tea is a sign that you are not welcome in the house and the owner wants you to leave. And the less tea there is in a cup, the more respect is shown to the guest. In Kazakhstan, it is also not common to ask for more, this is a sign of a bad taste.



In Georgia it is not customary to drink wine in small sips throughout the whole evening. Wine is drunk only in one gulp and bottoms up.


In France, it is a sign of a bad taste to eat bread before the main course. Putting it on the table, and not on the edge of the plate – is a sign of your good manners.

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