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Chipotle Mexican Grill menu is built around Mexican-style dishes. The concept of the restaurant chain, which is more often called just Chipotle, is fast casual dining. The two dishes that create the core of the menu are tacos and burritos. The list of main entrees also includes bowls and salads.

Another distinctive feature of the menu is that, although the number of items is comparatively small, they may be combined together to form a wide variety of meals.

What makes the restaurant chain different from its competitors is that it focuses on quality natural and organic ingredients – the fact that definitely influences the Chipotle Mexican Grill prices making them higher than the industry average. The company claims that it buys the ingredients from farmhouses preferring human and natural technologies. The company offers catering services.

The first restaurant started working in 1993. In addition to the Mexican restaurant chain, the company currently develops two more projects: Tasty Made, which focuses on the culinary traditions of Southeast Asia, and Pizzeria Locale, which uses the culinary traditions of Naples, Italy.

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