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These fast food restaurants are unique in their way. They work in parallel, they are being managed by a single center, but at the same time they retain their identity.

Rally’s was the first brand to appear – fast food restaurants with this name opened in 1985 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. A year later, in 1986, Checkers appeared in Mobile, Alabama.

A new stage in the history of both restaurants began in 1999, when the merger took place, and the general headquarters was founded in Tampa, Florida. It was decided to keep both names. Rally’s prices fully coincide with Checker’s prices.

Checkers / Rally’s menu pays special attention to French fries with spices, chicken burgers, and also hot dogs. In addition, there is always a wide range of burgers and sandwiches with different fillings.

Checkers / Rally’s menu prices listed below are relevant for most regions. Nevertheless, in some states the price may slightly differ due to the difference in the value of agricultural and other products.

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